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HEALCARe project update Tanzania

Posted on: October 20th, 2022

HEALCARe project update Tanzania

The Erasmus + HEALCARe project "health literacy communication to improve respectful and compassionate care" has been running for a year now. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, a lot has already been achieved! Due to various travel restrictions, collaboration has mainly been online.

From January 23 to 29 2022, all partners of the HEALCARe project met for the 3rd time in Dar es Salaam, (physically or online). The goal of this week was to complete all modules for nursing students, teachers and work supervisors and that the learning outcomes align with those in the curriculum.

This includes examining the effects of the program on nursing care. The groups we follow are students, teachers, work supervisors and patients. The work group that will supervise the pilot of the project has compared the measuring instruments for the study with the learning outcomes of the modules.

In addition to colleagues from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, partners from UMCG, USN Porssgrun and NUI Galway were available for online discussions in the various working groups. Each day also ended with an online plenary feedback session.

From February 28 to March 5, 20 colleagues from Tanzania will attend a Train the Trainer training. During this training, university lecturers and work supervisors from university hospitals will be trained to train their colleagues about respectful and compassionate care in Tanzania.

From April 2022 onwards, the modules will be implemented in the curriculum and 2nd year undergraduate students will be trained to integrate health literacy communication and respectful and compassionate care into daily care.  Teachers and work supervisors will then be trained to coach and test the students in the hospital's skills lab during the students' internship.

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